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white sage • palo santo • tobacco • mugwort • cedar • rose petals • blackwood tree resin • frankincense resin • dragons blood resin • salt • shungite & quartz crystal energy • fire & volcanic energy • sacred geometry • structured spring water • frankincense essential oil • distiled spirits •

Created ceremonially with love intent & prayer as a cleansing clearing & purification tool, in the frequency of earth wisdom & sovereignty • Perfect for when your in spaces & places were your can’t use regular sage or palo santo to clear your energy, transmute negative energy or if you’re needing a moment to reconnect, ground, recentre & reset • also helpful for clearing crystals • great for practitioners to use with clients •

Solar activated & imprinted in living structured water, that holds the echo of these sacred plant medicines • Created in a fire element & stone grid, using sacred volcanic lava rocks gifted to me by a kahuna from the goddess Pele in ceremony on kilauea volcano on the big island of Hawaii • Then the mother tincture for this essence was held safe by father fire throughout the night infusing a deeper level of purification & transformation imprints •

All my SACRED PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINES are Bio regional, Wild & Hand Crafted • Locally harvested & foraged seasonally with the elements & shamanic intent, holding the imprint of story medicine & ancestral lineage • *except some wisdoms in “Sacred Smoke” which are not bio regional or harvested by me •

 ◬ Sovereignty from an Earth Medicine Perspective ◬


All my offerings are charged for you before mailing on a sacred geometry charging plate and with sound medicine using my heart actication crystal singing bowl. 

Each time you go to use your mist or drops just tap the bottle onto the palm of your opposite hand, then shake the bottle to activate it before spraying or taking the drops.


No Refunds or Returns


All Mist Bottle are 100mls


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