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This essence mist & elixir was birthed from a deep relationship I have with Mama Cacao and the alchemy I could see when merged with the bio regional medicines I hand harvested of hawthorn berries & rose petals.

Having served Sacred Cacao ceremonially for a number of years this ancient Mayan medicine & spirit is intricately intertwined in my blueprint, it’s wisdom & story medicine activating heart healing and waking magick that the body innately holds.

The hawthorn berries, wild harvested in early winter alongside a fellow medicine women friend, while we told each other stories of the Hawthorn tree, and sang her song.
The rose petals harvested in the summer warmth from my partners grandmother’s garden, imprinted with the wisdom of unconditional love & the grandmother lineage.

The mother tincture for this Essence Mist & Elixir Drops sat ceremonially on an altar, called a Mesa shamanically, imprinted with my New Zealand Pounamu that was carved by an indigenous carver from the region I was born in the South Island of New Zealand.
Through ritual this medicine was infused with the Rose of Jericho; a magical botanical plant that resurrects with water, never dies and is passed down though generations, calling forward ancestral medicine & fertility. This mother tincture sat in ceremony with sacred geometry connected to the sun, earth frequencies, turquoise, moonstone, smoky quartz, green calcite, NZ amber & paua shell, rose quartz & the totem of the kookaburra, a bird tribe offering to us from the forest where we live. I sat with this altar calling in heart healing & activation codes, with my drum, rattle, prayer; tears & chants, all deep medicines infused into this vibrational medicine.

This plant spirit wisdom is about soothing the frayed threads of our heart, allowing the space for them to strengthen, creating a better communication between the energetic & physical heart.
This wisdom is about heart expansion, and softening into the fragmented spaces to allow healing to take place at a deep cellular level, it allows you to feel into your body as an entirety, examining our relationship from past to our present through the lens of our heart and the wholeness of our being.

It is about a deeper connection to earth wisdom though our heartspace, trusting our earth walk & journey, it assists us to love where we are planted in our here now moment.
This wisdom is about strengthening our connection to our ancestral & spiritual lineages weaving a complex dance of movement & light rearranging the strands of our DNA to our hearts.
This vibrational medicine is deeply shamanic and assists you to connect to your own personal sovereign spiritual wisdoms.
This wisdom holds the frequency of the story & song lines that thread indigenous cultures together; South American, New Zealand, Polynesian & Australia, assisting us to call in these memory codes from the ancestral creator beings who hold & protect them.
This Shamanic plant spirit wisdom & story medicine is heart healing & heart activating for ourselves & for those that came before us & for those that come after us.

✧Sacred Cacao ✧Hawthorn ✧Rose Petals ✧Pounamu ✧Rose of Jericho ✧Turquoise ✧Earth Frequency ✧Rose Quartz ✧Moonstone ✧NZ Amber ✧NZ Paua Shell ✧Kookaburra Totem ✧Solar Star Sacred Geometry ✧River Rock Medicine Wheel Grid ✧Rose Essential Oil ✧ Living Structured Water ✧Rose Quartz Chips ✧Distilled Spirits
*Mist contains Rose Essential Oil

Solar activated & imprinted in living structured water, that holds the echo of these sacred plant medicines.

All my SACRED PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINES are Bio regional from the forest were I live • Wild & Hand Crafted • Locally harvested & foraged seasonally with the elements & shamanic intent, holding the imprint of story medicine & ancestral lineage •
*Apart from sacred ceremonial cacao from Guatemala

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