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This essence mist was birthed from a desire to work with the mushroom spirit of the Sacred Fungi


In Winter I intentionally went walking in the forest, full knowing I was being guidied to the exact fungi I was going to make a mother tincutre from, we call this plant walking, shamanically. 


When I saw her, she was sitting under a pine tree, and immeditely I felt the elemental realm calling to me, it was such a fimilar visceral feeling for me, taking me straight back to memories of being alone in nature as a child.

 I grew up in the mountains of the South Island of New Zealand, I had deep access to untouched codes of ancient ancestral knowedge in the land, I would talk to the fae, the trees, the plants, and espically the Taniwha, who is the kaitiaki, or guardian of Lake Wakatipu.

 I was deeply interweaved with the spirit of the mountains - Maunga, the Southen Alps - te Tiritiri O Moana. As I dropped into this fragment of myself, I asked if I could take the spefic fungi to make medicine with in reverence. 


The Mother Tincture for this Essence Mist & Elixir Drops sat ceremonally on an altar, called a mesa shamanically, infused with the protective vital spirit of pine resin & neddles, Eucaluptus from the tree it was growing symbiotically with and the activation & transformational properties of the mineral Gold. 


Through ritual & ceremony this medicine was imprinted with Lapis Lazuli,  the wisdom keeper, Blue Aragonite for DNA activation, Chrysocolia for enabling deeper levels of communication.


Moss Totem also overseeing, moss issues us an invitation to dwell for a time right at the limits of ordinary perception. All it requires of us is attentiveness. Moss Totem teaches us about meeting the world not with grandiose entitlement but with boundless generosity of spirit; for taking whatever it has to offer and giving back infinity. 


In my communing with the over seeing fungi totem, I've noticed all three of the fungi I have had dieta with all have the same over seeing offering, being that of taking us into no time-space and linking us back to the beginning, often to do this they take us into childhood healing,memories,story,feeling space so we can retrieve and acess these fragments through a light open heart and expansiveness.


The Medicine offering of this Essence Mist & Elixir Drops is all about interconnectiness with all there is, and a deeper understanding that all life has inherent value, and everything has its order in chaos.


It’s our brith right to remember what our soul blueprint holds.


This medicine helps us remember that we are all interconnected via the threads in the unseen and through the mycelium earth circuits, which have an ability to encounter self, or non self, a form of self consciounesness and omnipresence.


All levels of communication are available to you via the earths deep rooted circuits and pathways, Acessing our childlke curiousy assists us in integration of our shadow aspects clearing the dense layers of constricted energy in your field allowing the emotional body to elevate though curiousty, play, laughter and fun and though the elemental realm, nature spirits and the kingdom of the fae.


Exellent to use before meditation or ceremeny, going into nature, or before undertaking any creative endevour. 


✧Sacred Blue Fungi ✧ Pine Neddles ✧ Pine Resin ✧ Eucaluptus Leaves ✧ Gold ✧ Lapis Lazuli ✧ Clear Quartz ✧ Blue Aragonite ✧Chrysocolia ✧Moss Totem ✧ Hexagonal Sacred Geometry ✧ River Rock Medicine Wheel Grid ✧ Living Structured Water ✧Rose Quartz Chips ✧ Distilled Spirits
✧ *Cederwood ✧* Chamomile ✧ *Bergamont ✧ *Lavender✧* Manderine ✧ *Lemon
Solar activated & imprinted in living structured water, that holds the echo of these sacred plant medicines.

All my SACRED PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINES are Bio regional from the forest were I live • Wild & Hand Crafted • Locally harvested & foraged seasonally with the elements & shamanic intent, holding the imprint of story medicine & ancestral lineage •

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* Oils mist contains 


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