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All life has inherent value, everything has its order in chaos It’s our brith right to remember our we are all interconnected via the threads in the unseen All levels of communication are available to you via the earths deep rooted circuits and pathways Integration of our shadow aspects Clear the dense layers of constricted energy in your field allowing the emotional body to elevate Play laughter and fun though the elemental realm and the fae Use pre mediation


✧Sacred Blue Fungi ✧ Pine Neddles ✧ Pine Resin ✧ Eucaluptus Leaves ✧ Gold ✧ Lapis Lazuli ✧ Clear Quartz ✧ Blue Aragonite ✧Chrysocolia ✧Moss Totem ✧ Hexagonal Sacred Geometry ✧ *Cederwood ✧* Chamomile ✧ *Bergamont ✧ *Lavender✧* Manderine  ✧ *Lemon ✧ River Rock Medicine Wheel Grid ✧ Living Structured Water ✧Rose Quartz Chips ✧ Distilled Spirits

Solar activated & imprinted in living structured water, that holds the echo of these sacred plant medicines.

All my SACRED PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINES are Bio regional from the forest were I live • Wild & Hand Crafted • Locally harvested & foraged seasonally with the elements & shamanic intent, holding the imprint of story medicine & ancestral lineage •

 ◬ Sovereignty from an Earth Medicine Perspective ◬

* Oils mist contains 


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