◬ Shamanic Plant Spirit Wisdom & Story Medicine ◬

⊳ Mana Wãhine ⋮ The Divine Feminine⋮Triple Goddess ⋮ Maiden Mother Crone ⋮ ⊲

This essence mist & elixir was birthed from a desire to work with the plant spirit of Tremella Fuciformis.

She appeared on a fallen Eucalyptus tree on a walk in the forest to a spot my partner had previously been in search of mushrooms. She revealed herself in her true beauty, juicy pure & white like the snow, taking centre stage on her host, a fallen decaying Eucalyptus tree who’s leaves had just a breath of life left in them, this medicine of Eucalyptus imprinted in the mother tincture for healing cleansing strength & protection.

Tremella sat in ceremony & ritual on an altar of Moonstone, NZ Pounamu, Jade & Amazonite, Imprinting the mother tincture with earth based vibration, connections to our ancestors & feminine lineage, as it’s story intertwined with mine, my rudraksha seed mala beads worn black with dedication & prayer to my practice of yoga reminded me of the resilience & strength I once had, merged with the over seeing diva of the Quan Yin Bodhisattva and Shri Yantra sacred geometry, the cosmic mother, I sat with this altar calling in the Mana Wãhine, with my drum, rattle, prayer & chants, all deep medicines infused into this vibrational medicine.

This plant spirit wisdom works with the biorhythm of women hood and the divine inherent beauty that exists at each & every stage, assisting us to release stories of how we viewed ourselves at the loss of innocence & the beginning of our journey into womanhood at our first menarche.

This wisdom is about rewriting the narrative of our feminine cycle, calling back fractals & fragments of ourselves that have lived through our ancestors & the DNA that spirals through time space that walks eternally in our blood.
This wisdom & Story Medicine returns us to our blueprint so we can observe & release deep wounds of guilt & shame from the core of the feminine awakening to be seen felt heard & healed, threads that pull us back to the original void, the primordial force, to be birthed again making space in the condensed fragments that have been occupied by our distorted views of ourselves.
This wisdom is about the Sovereignty of our womb space, and the birthing it creates in every way possible, reclaiming the juicy soft luscious space at every and all stage of our life’s journey though the maiden mother crone.
This Wisdom is to help remind us to nurture & love ourselves, singing songs into our bones to activate our human crystals deep feminine codes.

✧Tremella Fuciformis ✧Eucalyptus ✧ Moonstone ✧Jade ✧Amazonite ✧ Quan Yin Frequency ✧ Clear Quartz ✧ Shungite ✧ Selenite✧ Rose Petals ✧ Mala Beads ✧ Shri Yantra Sacred Geometry ✧ River Rock Medicine Wheel Grid ✧ Living Structured Water ✧ Rose Quartz Chips✧ Distilled Spirits ✧ *Mist contains Bergamot Essential Oil

Solar activated & imprinted in living structured water, that holds the echo of these sacred plant medicines.

*The First lot of Essences or Elixirs will include a dried eucalyptus leaf from the original tree for you to place on your altar or use ceremonially.

All my SACRED PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINES are Bio regional from the forest were I live • Wild & Hand Crafted • Locally harvested & foraged seasonally with the elements & shamanic intent, holding the imprint of story medicine & ancestral lineage •


 ◬ Sovereignty from an Earth Medicine Perspective ◬


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