I'm excited to be offering a 


A mentoring immersion in Wombat State Forest in the Highlands of Victoria

contact me for more info or to obtain an application 

Meet Renée - Lady Pachamama

Renée is a plant based chef & educator, yoga teacher, shamanic healer and spiritual warrior, who’s creative intuitive flow moves through her love of all things connected to mama earth, and her flare for alchemising living plant based foods. 

Reneé's purpose is to assist others to connect into their passion, heartspace and purpose through nourishing the body mind and soul using clean living foods, spiritual nutrition, breath, intent, awareness, yogic movement, shamanic practices, plant healing & earth wisdom work, helping restore, recalibrate and realign oneself back to our original functioning  human blueprint and connecting us back to nature. 

Renée runs regular workshops, retreats, shamanic ceremonies, mentoring and her personal practice from where she lives in the forest in regional Victoria, Australia. 

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