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December 30, 2018

{ part 3.}

Let me speak to the importance of making offering to the land, the plant people, the tree people, the rock people, the animals, the water, the fire, the air, the ancestors, our helpers in the un seen.

A return to wild means understanding our relationship to nature in a language not of our own, it is one of heart, the space between, it is one of deep quite reference, it is one of totality and honour.
We must participate with the lands dance, we cannot take without offering back, and we must not take more then what is offered, we must listen for the nuances of when to keep things to ourselves & when it’s okay to share.

One of my biggest learnings in my Shamanic path so far is working within your bio region, the use of medicines from the land you live, and with this understanding I’m beginning to question my reasons for working with ixcacao in ceremony & spirt.
When I lived in Hawaii I did weave some of her indigenous magic into my personal medicine so in a way maybe I feel...

December 18, 2018

{ part 2.}  

“The earth herself becomes my master story teller”
Thus Spoke The Plant - Monica Gagliano

This too is my truth.

When I listen to her stories, I’m not listening from my mind or even my emotions but my heart, and when I listen from that very infinite void space, the plants will show me, I’m relinquishing my innate human desire to control the outcome even unconsciously and dropping into the space between were time folds back on itself, and opens up an otherwise closed circuit of possibly, and by doing this they become my greatest teachers, & with this I am able to hear what wisdoms other medicine people & earth midwifes have placed into the earth herself through ceremony, ritual & reverence before me & also after me, those that reside in spaces between, having now departed or not yet arrived.

For the last month I’ve been working with the plant Verbascum or Mullein.

Each day she blooms a small handful of flowers & each day I harvest them, singing icaro. I...

December 17, 2018

{ part 1.}

There’s an undeniable understanding as a plant initiate of the nuances that exist in the spaces between as plants communicate with us, I call this space soft fascination, it’s the moment between the in-breath & the out-breath we’re our plant ally is participating as our “other” in the non ordinary reality as well as “normal” reality with an exchange of oxygen & carbon dioxide, medicines offered both in spirit & in body. 

Maia Toll calls it the second song, the visceral understanding that doesn’t come from knowledge written in books or taught in schools but from initiation & experience, which from my awareness & observation means we must dieta with plants - medicine & offerings in their absolute totality, through their cycles of growth over time & seasons in deep reverence & quite attuned space, we must learn to listen. This has been so confirmed for me in the recent book I read Thus Spoke the Plant, it’s not about the plants fitting into our structures and confined...

February 28, 2018

Dr Mu Shik Jhon one of the world leading authorities on water science states that;

“it is the structure of the water within our bodies

that ultimately determines health or sickness”

One of the keys points to know is when there is insignificant water in the human body, every function suffers.
Ideally water in the body should be distributed so that 60% is in your cells and the remaining 40% should be available in the fluids outside the cells; in the blood, lymphatic tissue, and extracellular fluid that bathes all our cells.
When the energetic quality of water is low (eg: chemically treated tap water & pressurised pipes) our hydration is compromised.
Water receptors in our cells are actually tuned to receive highly energised structured water, when water vibrates at a lower frequency it is not absorbed through the cell membrane. So in order for us to be correctly hydrated we must include structured spring water into our daily lifestyle.

According to Geneticist Dr Mae-Wen-Ho “liquid crystalli...

November 29, 2017

IN 2018 I'm finally opening up space for working one on one in a mentoring capacity, sharing my body of work I've developed over the last 20 years.

May 15, 2017

A truly incredible OVERNIGHT SACRED CACAO & FOREST IMMERSION. A gaggle of crows gathered on our property bringing strong bird tribe medicine, and deep shamanic

March 8, 2017

To make the Fermented Turmeric all you need is a good thumb of fresh organic turmeric sliced into small thin batons, left in a brine for about a week with a good tablespoon of peppercorns. To make a brine, too 1 cup pure water, you add 1 teaspoon celtic sea salt, its as easy as that. The fermentation process increases the bio availability of the curcurmin (what gives turmeric the yellow pigment) making this a fantastic gut health food.

February 1, 2017

How to set up a functional Everyday working space. + What tools are the most beneficial for everyday use. + Preparing certain foods in advance to make everyday clean eating simple. + How I eat most days, which is Buddha bowl styles and how to make various types with a flavor theme as your base. * 3 of my favorite everyday salad dressings for both salads & cooked vegan meals. + 3 of my favorite everyday salads, these are all salads that I've created as a raw vegan chef for various cafes. + How to make two types of vegan mylks, one being a nut free version. + 3 Easy breakfast ideas - smoothie bowls, chia puds, and a living granola. + My favorite grain free "grains" and how to use them in a few different ways - quinoa & buckwheat. + A couple of great Everyday fermented foods, water kefir, my famous cashew lebneh cheese & sauerkraut. + My everyday medicinal whole lemon drink. + How to make the easiest vegan n'ice cream ever. + How to make the best...

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December 30, 2018

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